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Success In Real Estate Takes The Right Attitude

What is the difference between people who get rich and people who don't? It is a very simple question that many people simply forget to ask. The first time you are truly confronted with this question, you will probably reach for an easy answer, such as, "Being born into a rich family" or "Getting lucky with the lotto" or even "Having a good career that pays a lot of money." And you might indeed be considered lucky if any of those things had happened to you.

Unfortunately for these people, however, being lucky isn't all it takes to become rich. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad books claims that being rich has more to do with how much money you hold on to than how much money you have coming in.

For instance, his father, the highly educated man to whom he refers in his books as his "poor dad," always had a good salary. Yet, Kiyosaki said, at the end of every quarter, he was practically penniless.

The good news for you, is that becoming rich has less to do with external factors like your job or whether you were born a Rockefeller, which you can't control, and more to do with internal factors which you can.
The real key to becoming right, is the way in which you think about money. It's as simple as that.

The man Kiyosaki dubbed his "rich dad" broke people down into four types and set them on a graph he called the Cash Flow Quadrant. On one side of the quadrant are the E's and S's, or the Employees and the Self-employed. On the other side are the B's and I's, or the Businesspeople and the Investors. According to Kiyosaki, each of those quadrants represents which sector a person's money comes from. It also represents the way that person thinks.

Are you beginning to see? The people in the four quadrants are not there by chance; they are there because they experience life in fundamentally different ways.

In to book "Cash Flow Quadrant," Kiyosaki states that the people inhabiting the four corners of the graph are, in fact, totally different people. Their different intellectual and emotional mindsets are the main determining factor of how each group deals with money.

Because of individuals' innate natures, says Kiyosaki, they are drawn to different corners of the graph. This is because different people have different values, and will treat money differently based on these attitudes. A person who values security above other things will definitely be drawn to the 'E' corner of the graph, and the consistency is offers. There's nothing wrong with that-- if security truly is what you desire, a life spent as an employee will be satisfying and fulfilling. It is worth noting, however, that it is highly unlikely that an occupant of the 'E' corner will ever become truly rich.

Though the revelation that wealth simply depends on your attitude and personality may initially seem rather intimidating, you should take it as encouragement. Even if you don't see yourself as a lucky person right now, rest assured that you can, if you have the drive, become wealthy.

If you want to be rich, you should invest, and buying properties is a great place to start. Investing in real estate, in fact, was the very path Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad" took to become rich. So, start thinking rich-- quit working for your money, and start letting the money you earn work for you, building your wealth.

Alexandria P. Anderson is a licensed Minnesota Realtor that uses the MN MLS Listings to help her clients to find and purchase Minnesota Land for Sale.






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