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Learning About Creative Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing services facilitate voice-only communications between dispersed groups. Web Conferencing is, very simply, a meeting, conference or seminar that is held over the World Wide Web. Polycom is the standard conferencing equipment at K-State. Services often include: web conferencing, web conferencing, web conferencing, and system integration. A video conference electronically links geographically dispersed participants so that they can see and hear each other in a live and interactive environment. Web conferencing services use telephone lines or Internet connections to enable participants to share documents or view presentations.

Conferencing services allow meetings to take place even when everyone cannot be in the same room, connecting people in different branch offices for a sales meeting or providing quarterly results to investors. Once all this information is entered, the processor in the web conferencing bridge compiles a list of all conference attendees including their IP addresses. The demand curve of HD web conferencing as a substitute for same day business trips, overnight trips and inter-continental trips are determined and reviewed. The phrases are both used to describe a meeting between parties in different locations wherein the meeting participants use communications equipment to both see and hear one another as they interact. This report is based on the insights of 281 business users of web conferencing products and services from around the world.

In many cases, Web conferencing can even enable remote control of a participant's computer. An object model of the service is proposed together with the resulting architecture. The paper defines a conferencing service to fulfill these requirements of conferencing applications. Deciding between teleconference and web conferencing options and web conferencing may strike fear in the hearts of the techno-phobe in you. The level of involvement in a web conference can range from viewing simple text via a central server, or even with the addition of audio provider real time voice as well.

The moderator of the conference call has to pay for every toll-free caller on his conference call at a rate depending upon whatever the conferencing company is charging. Some web meeting services provide just desktop sharing capability. Others give you the added capability to select and show a specific document or application only. You can also pass control to an attendee in your meeting, making that person the presenter. "The buyer benefits from owning and controlling a targeted customer list, rich in usage of data and web conferencing revenue, to integrate and market new high margin data collaboration services, while simultaneously decreasing their competition's market-share." Free web conferencing is when everyone on the conference call dials a regular long distance number. Toll-free web conferencing means every participant in a conference call dials a toll-free number.

The project work can be presented by video, audio, and computer conference depending upon the content. Once this is done, audio communication is established between the parties. If the conference is audio web web conferencing, it will have to be a high-speed connection. They would meet via the audio conference bridge at scheduled times to complete their work. Sometimes Voice over IP-real-time voice delivered via the Web-is one such technology because when it's used, the slides are often out of sync with the presenter's voice.

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