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What are the linux distributions

Who wants to try Linux?

There seems to be a lot of hum-drum with Linux these days and you can hear a word or two about Linux and different Linux downloads and different Linux programs and guess what? All of them are for free! But of course, there will come a time that some of them will come for a price but that doesn't seem to be a worry for many existing Linux users out there.

Many of these users have actually migrated from their previous operating system and you can hear a lot of comment from them. One particular lady in a workplace complained that she is getting annoyed and quite fed up with how her present operating system works and she's thinking of migrating to Linux. Well, I guess the migration is sure very fast for she's not using Linux software.

But before you go through, you ought to know more things about Linux. First thing must be you need to take a look if your present software is compatible to the new operating system, will it be more intuitive, user-friendly and worry-free. If you have this thing you can now decide what the next thing to do is.

A large number of Linux software usually comes for free. And yes, they are indeed FREE! But are that free software doesn't bother you at all? A colleague once mentioned that the more 'free' a software becomes, the more it is prone to get affected by some malicious programs. So before planning to use Linux, better watch out for these unwanted possibilities.

Another thing to consider is the commands that Linux has. Since it is new, there's a possibility that some of its commands are different from your old OS. You have to get familiar with it first and then see to it that it has some sort of a familiar environment with your previous operating system. In that way, you won't be caught something like grasping for breath because you have experienced a shock after suddenly switching to something you aren't familiar with yet. So, it would be better to check everything out in order to get all things done - safely.

Nevertheless, if you are bold enough to try something new, go for something that everyone's talking about in the positive side of the fence. For the many, Linux has been very friendly to use and friendly on the budget although some of its software are still free to use and or free to download.

The first best thing that you should do is to read more reviews. Go to sites that has recommendations and some know-hows about Linux and it's corresponding software. Find out if your present programs can work with Linux. Users of the other OS sometimes complain about little things like how their pretty and petty card game can't work on Linux!

So, it's worthwhile to see the possibilities first, then, weigh the odds. A disgruntled and dissatisfied user of another OS might really try Linux out and even though he needs to get used to different Linux commands, the important thing is, you are very comfortable with your decision. The point is, if you're sick and tired with what you have, go for the next one and with Linux, it seems they're just doing that.

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