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Save Time and Money With a Broadband Connection

Broadband Internet service has become a "must have" for those already enjoying the high speed Internet provided by cable broadband, DSL, or T1 services. Still, many dial up Internet users are reluctant to make the switch to broadband due to the increased cost in Internet access, and fail to recognize broadband's money saving potential.

Broadband DSL connection speeds vary, but the average DSL connection rate ranges on average between 128 kilobits per second all the way up to 1.54 megabits per second. Typical dial-up modems can't even come close to reaching typical broadband DSL speeds.

The remarkable speed of broadband DSL has made internet use more convenient, and DSL has improved the quality of many existing online activities such as shopping, banking, downloading audio and video, and gaming. Besides a notable increase in connection speed and website navigation, with broadband DSL, internet users are always connected to the world wide web. DSL provides valuable information and online activities that remain just a few keystrokes away.

Broadband Internet rates have reduced dramatically within the course of the last five years. High speed Internet can now be purchased for as little as fourteen dollars a month in some places, and usually has a top end comfort level of around fifty dollars or less per month. This means broadband can sometimes be even cheaper than dial up ISP.

Security is another plus for broadband DSL users. Broadband DSL subscribers use their own private telephone lines to make contact with their DSL service provider. Cables and lines are not shared by other internet subscribers, and therefore user access is private and very secure.

If you have been considering making the switch to broadband, you'll find many vendors these days offer incentives such as reduced cost for service, free equipment, and rebates to ease the burden of any start up cost for high speed broadband Internet service. In the end, broadband is just as affordable yet better and faster than dial up Internet.

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