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Wrought iron and aluminum castings

Aluminum Railings - lightweight yet strong solutions

Aluminum railings ar egaining popularity and preference over other materials primarily due to its light weight and flexibility. But before you choose aluminium its better to know its qualities so you can maximize your benefits.

Aluminum has always been a preferred choice of most industries. The railing manufacture industry too makes extensive use of this metal. The strength and light weight factors encourage railing manufacturers to make more and more use of this metal while even trying to invent newer and better ways and methods to increase the use of this metal in the railing business.

Lightweight Railing Solutions - Aluminum railings

Railings made from aluminum are popular and preferred by many. This article will serve as a guide for those wanting to purchase and install aluminum railings or want to know more about the benefits of mixing materials as also the process involved.

The Main Advantage of Aluminum Railing - The lightweight factor

Aluminum has always been a material preferred by almost all industries from the large scale Aviation industry to the small scale zip making industry. Its lightweight factor stands apart from all other materials. Also apart from being lightweight, aluminum is also stronger than steel if compared on the strength measure to weight measure ratio. An added plus point is its durability; aluminum does not corrode easily and thus lasts longer than other materials. These factors are considered so advantageous that aluminum has become the prime choice over the ages for all building and construction related jobs.

How to use Aluminum rails in different ways?

Aluminum is a multiple use material and can be made further durable by taking the following steps:

1. Aluminum Anodization : An important property of aluminum is its ability to resist corrosion longer than other materials. This property is further improved on by anodizing the aluminum metals surface. Anodization restricts further oxidation of the corroded surface thus increasing the long life of the metal.

2. Wooden inserts to make the metal more strong: Aluminum forms are created with a cavity and this void is then filled by inserting wooden blocks. This process strengthens the metal form and also reduces the overall weight of the structure.

3. Powder coated aluminum - New methods of increasing the visual charm of railings are being invented everyday. One such method is the painting technique called powder coating. Powder coating helps create varied blends of color and mixes and adds beauty to the otherwise plain aluminum railings.

4. PVC Coat - PVC coating is a type of coating which like powder coating adds life and beauty to aluminum railings. Under this method aluminum is fabricated and coated by using PVC procedures.

Aluminum Railings are easy to install - The railing market is full of manufacturers who are always experimenting to offer newer and better railing options to their customers. For instance, some manufacturers have found a method by which posts made from PVC, CPVC and other manually made materials are used at the bottom of the railing wherever aluminum verticals are fitted. This method enables easy installation and speeds the process thereby making it a preferred choice of DIY supporters.

Alloying aluminum with other metals makes it more corrosion resistant and adds to the strength measure to weight measure ratio. This is the reason why aluminum alloys are widely used in railing manufacture for deck awnings and porch furniture.

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